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Business Consulting

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We can help you with:

  • Provide consultation and establish a local company or foreign investment (PMA) in Indonesia
  • Setting up the company and preparing business permits via OSS (Online Single Submission)
  • Preparing Visas/Limited stay permits for directors / commissioners or foreign workers in companies who want to enter or stay in Indonesia.
  • Tax administration, such as preparing NPWP, E-fin, and others.
  • Tax administration, such as preparing NPWP, E-fin, and others.
  • Office administration such as basic bookkeeping and drawing up invoices.
  • Villa management
  • Consulting Solution Services for Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Cooperation with highly qualified, experienced, and reputable notaries, tax consultants and lawyers so accurate information is obtained to run your business according to applicable regulations.

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Why Choose Us

Reasonable Price

We offer affordable prices for each of our services as well as professionalism in services.

Strategic Business Location

A strategic business address that can be used for the company's official domicile as well as providing legal base.

Professional Receptionist Services

Our receptionists always give top priority to serving our client.

Supporting Legal Documents

Preparation of establishing a company, OSS registration, visa services.

Support Tax services

NPWP and PKP registration.

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