Virtual Office

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Virtual Office is a type of non-physical leased office located in the office zone that can be used as a legal business address. Office facilities can be obtained from the provider.

Even though there is no physical office, virtual office users get special benefits such as more affordable operational costs compared to conventional offices.

Virtual Office Package

Choose your virtual office package and be one step ahead of your competitors.


Address & Mail Handling
Rp 4,000,000 Yearly & Exclude Tax
  • Company Address
  • Mail Handling


Support Pendirian PT local & PMA
Rp 5,950,000 Yearly & Exclude Tax
  • Company Address
  • Phone Number
  • Meeting Rooms 4 hours / month
  • Coworking 4 hours / month
  • Mail Handling
  • Notification via whatsapp, email dan Telepon
  • Fotocopy Dokumen ( IMB,SHM, SPPL )
  • Place name of company name

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Why Choose Us

Virtual Office save money and time; all work will be more effective than working from home.

Reasonable Price

We offer affordable prices for each of our services as well as professionalism in services.

Strategic Business Location

A strategic business address that can be used for the company's official domicile as well as providing legal base.

Professional Receptionist Services

Our receptionists always give top priority to serving our client.

Supporting Legal Documents

Preparation of establishing a company, OSS registration, visa services.

Support Tax services

NPWP and PKP registration.

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